WOW! Dr. Hayley Duggar did something no other doctor has been able to do, relieve my neck and skull pain. With a fusion in my neck, comfort is something in the past for me, however, for the first time in forever, after just 1 visit with Dr Hayley, I woke up with ZERO neck pain and no radiating pain through my skull. This is amazing. Hard to believe it’s real. I am completely stoked about continuing my therapy believing that I will now be able to live a pain free life. Words could never thank you enough Dr Hayley!


Michelle V.

"I was diagnosed with MS fifteen years ago. Dr. Abshire became my Chiropractor at that time. I have received amazing care and concern from him. Dr. Abshire once told me that his goal with his patients is to get them well and they will not need him anymore. His philosophy is improving his patients health. I love that about him. He is an amazing Chiropractor. He keeps me mobile and pain free. ❤️ PS.....The staff is also awesome. They are all so cheerful and kind."

Lillie L.

"I'm a chiropractor in Houston and I spent last week in Lafayette for my daughters softball camp. During that time I had Dr. Abshire, a good friend, work on my shoulders over three visits. He was fantastic and today I am pain free and functioning again.

Thanks to all the team at Abshire Chiropractic for getting this old doc back in the game of life."

Jay H.

"I came to Dr. Abshire for a second opinion on a knee issue. THANK GOD!! My "knee" issue I've been having for 12+ years turns out it's not my knees, its my quads!! The previous doctor that started seeing me when I was 14 said I needed a knee replacement at 17. Then recently told me to stay away from stairs, no squats and definitely no running. ONE visit with Dr. Abshire, he gave me more than 2 minutes of his time, and I instantly felt a difference when using my knees before I walked out the door!"

Lorraine L.

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