How Are We Different?

At Abshire Chiropractic Sports Center we are not the “traditional chiropractor”. Chances are if your parents have been to a chiropractor before we are nothing like them, unless your parents have been to Abshire Chiropractic Sports Center.

What we are NOT about
•NO long term treatment plans
•We DO NOT recommend excessive visits
•We DO NOT make you depend on us
•We DO NOT convince you to pay ahead for visits
•We DO NOT x-ray every patient

Then what are we about?

Our treatments are evidence based (we do what the research proves), patient focused (it’s all about you), and aimed at resolving your condition and giving you the knowledge to maintain your health and prevent reoccurrences.

Our goal is to get patients better as quickly as possible (typically 3-5 visits). We want patients to trust us, so they can have a place to go any time they are in pain. We want to be your Chiropractor for life. We achieve that by being honest with patients, getting them out of pain quickly, and providing them with information including stretches to keep them out of pain.

We also know sometimes we cannot help with everything and we are not afraid to refer you to the right place so you can get the treatment you need.

Well how do you do that?

We evaluate the entire musculoskeletal system, not just bones and joints. We realize that most conditions involve disorders of the soft tissue (Muscle, Tendon, Ligament, & Fascia), which can be the primary source of pain. In most instances we perform soft tissue mobilization/myofascial release to the soft tissue and chiropractic manipulations AKA adjustments.

I’ve seen videos and I’m not too sure about the adjustment.

Can I still get relief without it?

YES. If you are scared of the adjustment or just not sure about it then we do not have to adjust you. We will explain the adjustment to you, we can walk you through it without performing it and if you still are not sure about it, that’s ok. We have other treatment options we can perform to get you out of pain. But know the adjustments are safe and effective.  
What’s Soft tissue mobilization/myofascial release?

As mentioned earlier most conditions involve the soft tissue, commonly the muscles. This technique targets the soft tissue allowing for decreased pain and increased range of motion. Specific spots in the soft tissue are felt, using our hands and fingers we work on those areas by shortening the muscle then lengthening it while applying pressure with our fingers. Patient’s often refer to it as a “good hurt” and “it hurts so good”, while feeling relief and increased range of motion immediately after treatment.

Abshire Chiropractic Sports Center is located in Lafayette, LA providing services to patients from Lafayette, Rayne, Crowley, Duson, Scott, Youngsville, Maurice, Breaux Bridge and the surrounding areas.

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